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GMax GM11D Scud Helmet


Dual Sport helmets have been on the market for some time, and now years later, we see more choices and refinement with each offering. The Dual Sport helmet options range from entry level to very high end. For those looking for an entry level Dual Sport helmet, the best selling and most popular option is the AFX FX-39. Second in it’s generation, and offering more refinement over the original AFX FX-37. Bang for buck, the AFX FX-39 is a solid option out of the many price point DS helmets on the market. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Arai XD4 is the Rolls Royce of DS helmets. This category was basically invented by Arai with the original XD back in 2006 and the XD4 has seen some great improvements over the original. Arai fit, finish and quality with the highest safety rating offered on any DS helmet with it’s Snell 2010 and DOT certifications. If you can afford it, it’s definitely the best on the market. Falling in between, there are offerings from Shoei, AGV and Icon. The Shoei Hornet is also a premium offering and carries a Snell 2005 certification. The Hornet was first introduced in 2008 and might not be as sexy as the XD4, but for quality sake, it’s pretty darn close. The AGV AX-8 DS EVO is a new offering from AGV that is one of the lightest DS helmets on the market and has both DOT and ECE ratings. The Icon Variant is dual sport inspired in it’s design, but also has a heavy following in the street and stunt crowd with it’s unique and aggressive looks and ability to stay aerodynamic at higher speeds.

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