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AGV Numo EVO ST Portland Helmet


Featuring a completely redesigned liner upholstered in high performance Shalimar and Ritmo fabrics with Microsense, moisture wicking and antibacterial treatments, the AGV Numo EVO ST Helmet sets a new standard in rider comfort. Care has been taken in the cheek pad design to avoid seams in sensitive areas for the ultimate riding experience. The shell of the AGV Numo ST Helmet is contoured specifically to limit risk of injury to the collarbones in the closed position. In the open position, the chin bar has been engineered to sit as close as possible to the main shell and is aerodynamically designed to limit drag, minimizing the neck-fatiguing “sail effect.” For tourers, sport riders, and commuters alike, the AGV Numo EVO ST Helmet touts Italian engineering with unrivaled comfort for miles.

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