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Kuryakyn Wanderbar Detachable Sound Bar


Finally a sound bar that is built to handle everything that the outdoor world can throw at it. This incredibaly rugged system is here to match up with your active lifestyle and the weaather that sometimes goes along with that. All this while bringing you crystal clear sound and immersive mid and low range dapth thanks to an integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) That provides peak performance at any volume. The internal amp powers two neodymium woofers and four teteron dome tweeters working along with passive reditors to produce thumping mids and basslines that you will not find in typical compact soundbars. The all weather construction make the Wanderbar™ perfect for use on motorcycles, ATV’s or any other recreational vehicle. Can also be used when not mounted on a vehicle due to the onboard lithium battery that allows for hours of playback whether camping, tailgating, wrenching in the garage or just jammin’ at home.

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