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For Bob Cat 3400 3600 3650 Electric Windshield Wiper Motor & Tank Kit UTV Cab


CRU Products Electric 2 speed Windshield wiper motor and washer tank complete kit.

This is a universal wiper kit that will fit “most” UTV’s with a steel or plastic cab enclosure. Depending on the make of your cab enclosure, your UTV and the room you have, this kit may or may not work.

Mounting of the washer tank can be mounted in many different places. Some applications, fitting the tank may or may not have a suitable place to mount.

Kit includes:

– Oscillating 2 speed 12 volt right hand rotation 110� Wiper Motor with 1″ shaft, 2″ overall with Universal Wiring kit

– Washer tank with Universal Wiring and plumbing kit

– 16″ Wiper arm*

– 14″ Wiper blade

– In dash rocker switch for washer box

Dimensions: Overall


Length 7.5″ (191mm)

Width 2″ (53mm) *This does not include the 2″ wiper shaft that will go through the cab enclosure

Height 4″ (102mm)

Washer box: Overall

Length 5″ (127mm)

Width 5.5″ (140mm)

Height 7″ (178mm)

*In some cases, with fold down or removable windshields, simply remove the wiper arm from the shaft with the 2 small allen set screws underneath the plastic cover

**Wiper kit shown mounted on the top of a 2014 Polaris Ranger 800 with Armor Tech steel cab enclosure. In some cases, this can be mounted below the windshield. Depending on the cab enclosure and what room you have to work with.

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